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Who we are?

Mirror of Traditions and Fine Art Jewellery

With aims to revolutionize the world of Gems and Jewellery, yet keeping it in touch with old traditions and art, Vardhaman Gems has been serving its esteemed customers globally for decades. We have become acronym for genuine gems and strikingly exquisite traditional jewellery. We are leading as a dignified jewellery merchant. We are India’s one of the leading manufactures, buyers, wholesalers and retailers in diamonds, gold and silver jewellery. We are acknowledged to bring finest blend of fashionable jewellery in artistic motifs. Not only in India but we also serve our unique and artistic jewellery across the world. Our global network includes India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, France and US. We truly cherish love and support of our clients who helped us building this strong empire.

We accentuate true work of art in diamond and colour stone trendy jewellery and are specialised in Kundan Meena Jadau ornaments. We believe in transforming inspirations from history, precious stones and finest metals into creations that are sought-after by men and women of all ages and traditions.

Team of Excellence-

Our team of brilliant jewellery experts and artisanship regularly scour the globe for the trends and taste of costumers to bring out the most alluring and unique jewellery collection.

We heartily invite all to step in at our head office located in Jaipur, Pink City of India. We also have our associates in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bikaner who all are keen to serve you at the fullest. Apart from India, we also deal in countries likes of Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, France and US.

Read Our Story (Proud Legacy)

Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim- “Man who transferred creative blood among Generations”

Man born with artistic skills, Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim proved himself as a precious gem for the nation. He was the court jewellers to H.E. The Viceroy and Governor General of British India.

He was the founder President of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce, the first Indian Chamber of commerce. He was also founder of Dharam Kanta and Panjrapole society.

From architecture, building designing to jewellery making, he earned name, fame and respect at every venture he worked into. He was known for his modesty and fine art of designing and came in notice in public when he built Parasnath Jain Temple in 1867. According to "Glimpses of Bengal" published in 1905, he himself was the designer and architect of this world famous Jain temple.

Today, the temple is well-known with two names Parasnath Temple and Mookims Temple garden and is located at 36, Badridas Temple Street, Maniktalla, Kolkata, India. The man with creative richness in thoughts was not limited to the state, but he also built Jain temples in Sammet Shikhar and Purimatal, Allahabad.

He proved his artistic genius and mature insight into the art of designing, which he carried into jewellery designing. His inherent appreciation of fine art and designing gradually impelled him towards the art of jewellery, the artistic and classic ones. At the middle of his age, he was completely involved in the jewellery business. He was specialised in making timeless masterpieces of art jewellery embedded with precious and semi-precious stones.

A simple man with inventive thinking he was also a philanthropist, social server and spiritual person. He was blessed with two talented sons, Rai Kumar Singh (Bade Raja) and Raj Kumar Singh Mookim (Chhote Raja), who successfully carried the legacy of jewellery making a step forward. Fateh Kumar Singh, son of Rai Kumar Singh, promoted the family business nationwide and made the brand more recognised. He was the grandfather of Jyoti Kothari, proprietor, Vardhaman Gems.

Jyoti Kothari, man behind establishing the company, was trained under Shree Raj Roop Tank, the dean of Jaipur Gem dealers and Jewellers. He is well known as illustrious jeweller who has been writing the brand’s (Vardhaman Gems) name not only in India but at the world’s map. Rising from strength to strength and accomplishing great feats, he ensures that contemporaneity does not harm the old traditional trend of their jewellery making.

Jyoti Kothari has also trained approximately fifty students in Gems and Jewellery industry, including his own son Darshan Kothari. The aim of Vardhaman Gems is simply to bring together everlasting jewellery which is artistically designed with the right combination of old-age charm and elegant modern touches. 

The rich tradition of excellence in Gems and jewellery is going on.